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Skilled lawn maintenance specialists serving South West Houston

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Lawn mowing services and yard maintenance

Custom lawn cutting quote based on how big your yard is, and how often you are looking for lawn care services

  • Weekly services quotes.
  • Biweekly services quotes.
  • Special service bundles.

Keep in mind if your grass is over 10 inches tall the first cut will be about 50% more to get your yard cut back down to a normal height, also please be advise that the first lawn mowing will not look that great as all of the excess clippings and excess growth will need to be dealt with in. For tallgrass yards it usually takes us three or four lawn mowings to get the yard back in nice shape and everything in your yard back under control. Including my lawn mowing quote will be mowing of your turf, edging your sidewalks, patios, and driveway, and blowing off any grass clippings after we get done from your concrete areas.

Service Features


We keep track of our services. Calendar and schedules are swiss clock precision even thou we can't discard unexpected weather.


All of the products we will use in your lawn are organic, pet friendly and safe for your children to enjoy the turf, backyard or patio.


We pride in our tidy way of work which along the years has made our customers feel like to stare and enjoy their lawn.


After every job we detail on every aspect of cleaning and every corner of your lawn to ensure compliance with your expectations.

The first step is to schedule a visit.

In this step we get to know your lawn needs.

We'll see the place, take notes and measurements to ensure an accurate price.

Although you can give us your measurements and answer a few questions on the phone in order to provide an estimate. In this case we can't guarantee variations in the price.

On second place we calculate the estimate.

Paper and pencil to plan our work based on the needs of your lawn or the measurements you provided.

We compete with other companies and are aware of their services, we try and offer a competitive offer.

Base on the experience of our team we get to the estimate.

And last, we send the estimate and schedule.

It's just a 3 step method we use to get to know our customer's lawn needs.

The knowledge of our customer's lawn needs precise the logistics, supplies, machines and personnel.

We are aware that you might have a small lawn, backyard or patio, so this three step method might not be necessary to give you an estimate on the phone and schedule the service all at the same time.

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Please, don't hesitate in calling us we will provide you an answer to best of our knowledge.


We provide some prices for you to have a clue of costs and times.

Small Property


  • Up to 8,000 square foot
  • +$1.00 adds 1,000 sq.f.
  • On call mowing $45
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Rough Mowing

$60 per man-hour

  • 2 hour minimum
  • in rough field
  • In service area
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Frequently Asked Questions

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The skilled lawn maintenance specialists.

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